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The issue: Drowning is a significant but underserved public health issue of global concern.


Project summary: The Western Australian Drowning Evaluation and Research Network (WADER-N) serves as a community of practice, bringing together interested and relevant researchers, practitioners and policymakers who will work towards improving collaboration and knowledge translation within and outside the drowning prevention and water safety sectors and ensure drowning prevention programs, policies and practices are grounded in evidence.

The broad role is to:


  • Create a network for collaboration and knowledge translation and guide research direction and priorities in drowning prevention.

  • Build an online hub to promote members, share evaluation and research direction and priorities and provide a range of knowledge dissemination, capacity building and professional development opportunities.

  • Support the development of stronger relationships specifically the relationship between RLSSWA, Curtin University and key stakeholders. 

  • Facilitate opportunities for professional development (for members and for other people working in the sector.

Relevance for practice/policy: The work of the Network is guided by the Western Australian Health Promotion Strategic Framework's overarching goal of lowering the incidence of avoidable injury in Western Australia (WA), and also the Australian Water Safety Strategy 2016-2020 to achieve a 50% reduction in drowning deaths by the year 2020.

Who's involved? Associate Professor Justine Leavy, Dr Gemma Crawford, Malena, Della Bona, Nicola D'Orazio, , Lauren Nimmo

Project website:

Project outputs:


  • Dr Gemma Crawford and Dr Justine Leavy, Curtin University together with Lauren Nimmo – industry partner RLSSWA are members of Scientific Program Committee for the World Conference for Drowning Prevention.


  • Healthway funded research. (2022-2024). Alcohol Advertising and Aquatic Environments Project: Building the evidence for change with researchers from across multiple WA and Australian universities:

    • Associate Professor Justine Leavy, Curtin University

    • Dr Gemma Crawford, Curtin University

    • Professor Jonine Jancey, Curtin University

    • Dr Renee Carey, Curtin University

    • Ms Lauren Nimmo, Royal Life Saving Society WA

    • Dr Tina Lam, Monash University

    • Dr Gina Trapp, Telethon Kids Institute, UWA

    • Dr Paula Hooper, Australian Urban Design Research Centre, UWA

    • Associate Professor Christina Pollard, Public Health Advocacy Institute, Curtin University



  • 29 October, 2020. 2nd Drowning Prevention Research Roundtable. Invited speakers Dr David Meddings, World Health Organization, Geneva; Dr Colleen Saunders Cape Town University; Lauren Nimmo, RLSSWA. 

  • J.E. Leavy Contributor to Australian Water Safety Strategy 2030.

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