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evaluation & consultancy

We welcome opportunities to form partnerships. For more information on our consultancy services, please contact us.

CERIPH provides evaluation and consultancy services that contribute to informing health promotion policy and practice. CERIPH staff have expertise in planning, implementing and evaluating health-related programs and services. Consultancy services are provided to government and non-government organisations on a fee-for-service basis.

CERIPH staff have experience evaluating and consulting on projects of national and international significance for health promotion policy and practice. Examples of previous consultancy work include:

  • Review of Australian National Health Goals and Targets 

  • Australian Infant Feeding Guidelines

  • Competencies for Health Promotion Professionals

  • NHMRC Ecological Principles for Health 

  • WHO Principles for Health Promoting Schools

  • UNESCO Asia Pacific Technical Tools for Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity/Expression

  • WHO International Sexual Health Instrument Validation


Consultancy activities are varied but generally include:

  • Program planning and evaluation 

  • Needs assessment 

  • Focus groups / market research 

  • Instrument design and testing 

  • Literature and resource reviews 

  • Resource development and production 

  • Data collection, management, analysis and interpretation 

  • Report preparation 

  • Development of parliamentary submissions

  • Training and development programs

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