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Our students come from around the world and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to their study and volunteering.  Students are undertaking a diverse range of projects, topics, settings and populations using a range of methodologies. 

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I completed my PhD in CERIPH exploring the influence of a public health partnership on research and evaluation capacity. Throughout this process I have been supported by a wonderful team of CERIPH researchers. Undertaking my PhD strengthened my skills in qualitative research, evaluation and stakeholder engagement.



Abbas Haddadpour | PhD Candidate

THESIS TITLE: Health and wellbeing of trans people in Iran. 

Supervisors: Supervisors: A/Prof Sam Winter, Dr Jacqui Hendriks, Professor David Lawrence

Bau Dilam Ardyansyah Madjid | PhD Candidate

THESIS TITLE: Interprofessional education impact on
Tuberculosis care in community-based settings in Indonesia.

Supervisors: A/Prof Reinie Cordier, A/Prof Margo Brewer, Professor Jaya
Dantas, Dr Dave Parsons

Kiran Awarthi | PhD Candidate

THESIS TITLE: To Design, Implement and Evaluate a Community Engagement Intervention for the Prevention of Malaria Transmission in a Low Endemic Country, Nepal.

Supervisors: A/Prof Justine Leavy, Professor Jonine Jancey, Professor Archie Clements

Bereket Abitew | PhD Candidate 

THESIS TITLE: Under-five mortality in the era of sustainable
development goals in low-and middleincome countries: burden and trends.

Supervisors: A/Prof Gizachew Tessema, Dr Amanuel Gebremedhin, Professor  Gavin Pereira, Professor Jonine Jancey

Biswadeep Tamang | PhD Candidate 

THESIS TITLE: An Investigation into the Impact of Digital
Technologies on Organizational Control and Decision-Making Processes in Bureaucratic Organizational Structures.

Supervisors: Dr Aradhna Malik, Professor Jaya Dantas 

Megan Watts | PhD Candidate 

THESIS TITLE: The cultural spaces of women's refuges.

Supervisors: Professor Donna Chung, Professor Jaya Dantas

Curtis Povah | PhD Candidate 

THESIS TITLE: Public perceptions and experiences of
choking in a sexual context.

Supervisors: A/Prof Sam Winter

Malena Della Bona | PhD Candidate 

THESIS TITLE: Why is implementation science important for drowning prevention intervention design and evaluation?

Supervisors: A/Prof Justine Leavy, A/Prof Gemma Crawford, Professor Jonine Jancey

Scott Devenport | PhD Candidate 

THESIS TITLE: The partner selection process: Exploring experiences of diverse sexual identities and the utility of a biopsychosocial perspective.

Supervisors: A/Prof Sam Winter, Dr Catriona Davis McCabe.

Georgia Griffin | PhD Candidate 

THESIS TITLE: Facilitating refugee women's access to health services.

Supervisors: Professor Jaya Dantas, Dr Mohammed Ali

Melinda Edmunds | PhD Candidate 

THESIS TITLE: Public health action to address the social determinants of health: A mixed methods approach to developing a contemporary model for advocacy.

Supervisors: A/Prof Christina Pollard, A/Prof Gemma Crawford, Dr Jonathan Hallett

Melaku Alemu | PhD Candidate 

THESIS TITLE: Youth preferences for sexual and reproductive health services in Ethiopia

Supervisors: A/Prof Gizachew Tessema, Professor Richard Norman, Professor
Gavin Pereira & Professor Jaya Dantas

Corie Gray | PhD Candidate 

THESIS TITLE: Co-designing an intervention to increase HIV testing uptake with females from priority migrant communities at-risk of HIV in Perth, Western Australia.

Supervisors: Dr Roanna Lobo, A/Prof Gemma Crawford

Piyali Debnath | PhD Candidate 

THESIS TITLE: Energy Efficiency and Cognitive Performance in West Australian and Indian Buildings: A Comparative Study.

Supervisors: Dr Prashant Anand, Professor Jaya Dantas, A/Prof Krassi Rumchev

Luke Standen | PhD Candidate 


Supervisors: Dr Kahlia McCausland, Professor Jonine Jancey

Marc Zen | PhD Candidate 

THESIS TITLE: Secondary school students and sexually explicit media: Perspectives of parents, teachers and students in Melbourne, Australia

Supervisors: Dr Jacqui Hendriks, Professor Sharyn Burns

Hanna Saltis | PhD Candidate

THESIS TITLE: A mixed-methods exploration of gender
within Women’s Australian Rules community football clubs in Western Australia.

Co-Supervisor: Professor Sharyn Burns, Dr Jacqui Hendriks

Mohammad Alhasbashneh | PhD Candidate

THESIS TITLE: Using text-to-speech technology to help teachers teach students with dyslexia.

Supervisors: Professor Sharyn Burns

Katheryn Jones | PhD Candidate

THESIS TITLE: Co-production in mental health Recovery Colleges


Supervisors: Professor Jonine Jancey, A/Prof Gemma Crawford, Lyn Mahboub

Hannah Penklis | PhD Candidate

THESIS TITLE: Disordered Eating Patterns and Eating Disorders in Australian Trans People: a focus on the non-binary population.

Supervisors: A/Prof Sam Winter, Professor David Lawrence

Habitu Birhan Eshetu | PhD Candidate


Supervisors: A/Prof Gemma Crawford, Dr Krysten Blackford, Dr Roanna Lobo

Louise Francis | PhD Candidate


Supervisors: Professor Charles Livingstone, Dr Jonathan Hallett

Lekey Khandu | PhD Candidate

THESIS TITLE: Enhancing the use of HIV self-testing among
priority populations in high-income and low to middle-income countries.

Supervisors: Dr Jonathan Hallett, A/Prof Gemma Crawford, A/Prof Justine Leavy, Dr Daniel Vujcich

Vanessa Paun | PhD Candidate

THESIS TITLE: Effective physical activity therapies for older adults.

Supervisors: Professor Gaby Haddow, Professor Jonine Jancey

Lydia Sandrah Kaforau | PhD Candidate

THESIS TITLE: Risk factors of adverse birth outcomes and lived experiences of mothers with low birth weight infants in the Solomon Islands.

Supervisors: Professor Jonine Jancey

Kim Andreassen | PhD Candidate

THESIS TITLE: Developing Consent Pedagogy and Resources for Young People with Disability Aged 12-16 Years of Age: A Participatory Action Research Approach Utilising Design Justice Principles and Mixed Methods Research

Supervisors: Dr Jacqui Hendriks, Dr Cindy Smith, Dr Emily Castell

Chimwemwe Tembo | PhD Candidate

THESIS TITLE: Cultural and social determinants influencing mental health among adolescent mothers aged 14 -19 years during the postpartum period in Lilongwe Malawi.

Supervisors: Professor Sharyn Burns, Dr Linda Portsmouth

 Patrice Whitehorne-Smith | PhD Candidate

THESIS TITLE: Exploring the enablers and barriers experienced by people with severe and enduring mental illness in Jamaica when accessing health care for chronic physical illness.

Supervisors: Professor Sharyn Burns, A/Prof Robyn Martin, Dr Ben Milbourn

 Darren Tendler | MPhil Candidate

THESIS TITLE: The relationship, sex, sexuality and gender
diversity education of Jewish schools in Melbourne, Australia: A whole-school health promotion evaluation.

Supervisors: Dr Jacqui Hendriks, Professor Sharyn Burns

Richard Akubuiro  | MPhil Candidate

THESIS TITLE: Investigation and Adaptation of the Community Parents Peer Support Program for culturally and linguistically diverse families of children with disabilities in Armadale Western Australia.

Supervisors: Professor Sharyn Burns, Dr Krysten Blackford, Dr Ailsa Munns, Dr
Helen Nelson

Jenifer Tartaglia | MPhil Candidate

THESIS TITLE: Developing a Parent Nutrition Education Program for Parents of 0-5 year olds

Supervisors: Professor Jonine Jancey

Tricia Reid-Moore | MPhil Candidate

THESIS TITLE: The sexual behaviour and practices of men
who have sex with men and women (MSMW): Informing public health interventions.

Supervisors: Dr Jacqui Hendriks, Professor Sharyn Burns, A/Prof Gemma Crawford

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