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Co-working in a Bright Office

partnerships & public health policy

Project summary: This study aims to understand the ways in which the WA Sexual Health and Blood-borne Virus Applied Research and Evaluation Network (SiREN) has influenced research and evaluation practices within the sexual health and blood-borne virus sector and to develop an evaluation framework and evaluation tools that can be used to assess the impacts and outcomes of SiREN. To do this, a systems approach is being applied. A systems approach is a way of thinking that brings together components of a system, describes the interactions between them and how they interact as a whole.

Project funding: Australian Government's Research Training Program Scholarship and SiREN Scholarship

Who is involved? Rochelle Tobin, Dr Roanna Lobo, Dr Jonathan Hallett, Dr Gemma Crawford

Project progress: Data has been collected and analysed. Currently preparing publications and thesis.

Program outputs: Tobin, R., J. Hallett, R. Lobo, and B. R. Maycock. 2019. "Taking a systems approach to explore the impacts and outcomes of a research and evaluation capacity building partnership: A protocol." BMJ Open 9 (9)

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